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Britannica SchoolThousands of up-to-date, curated, and curriculum-relevant articles [from both academic journals and popular magazines], images, videos, audio clips, primary sources, maps, research tools, and recommended Web sites.


ProQuest DatabasesAccess all ProQuest databases including eLibrary, SIRS Issues Researcher, CultureGrams, and more.


ExploraDesigned with high school students and educators in mind, Explora provides a safe, trustworthy environment for students to look up articles and facts for research papers, class projects or homework.

EBSCOhostA multidisciplinary database providing thousands of full-text sources. This is one of the best databases for academic journals for benchmarks and other scholarly research

Points of View Reference CenterProvides rich content that can help students realize and develop persuasive arguments and essays, better understand controversial issues, and develop analytical thinking skills. The database covers over 400 topics, presenting an overview, point, counterpoint, and guide to critical analysis along with related information, including articles and images.

History Reference CenterAn excellent source for both American and world history. Includes 640,000 full-text records from peer-reviewed journals, reference books, periodicals, 74,000 primary source documents, 81,000 biographies of historical figures, 2,000 full-text reference books, encyclopedias and non-fiction books, and 44,000 images and 80+ hours of video.

Literary Reference CenterAn encyclopedia, biography, and dictionary source for classic and popular literature. It has a broad spectrum of information on thousands of authors and their works across literary disciplines and timeframes. It gives students, professors and researchers a foundation of literary reference works to meet their research needs.

Science Reference CenterAn excellent source of reliable information on life sciences, physical sciences, mathematics, technology and more. Includes full-text coverage for more than 200 science periodicals, 275,000 high-quality science images, 2,900 full-text, full-length biographies, 800 full-text science essays, 800 full-text science reference books, and 500 science videos.

Read ItFocused on English Language Learners, Read It is a place to find reading material about many subjects. Articles are short and written to support your reading skills as you learn about topics in English that you need for school and everyday life.

Explora Educator s EditionAccess to several educator journals and research plus lesson plans, student tools, and curriculum standards information and tools.