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Mr. Melcic


Office Hours:  7:00 AM-7:50 AM (or by appointment)

Phone: * See note below.



Degrees and Certifications:

CA Credentials:
- Biological Science
- Geoscience
M.A. Teaching Science - USC
B.A. Anthropology - SFSU


1º - The Living Earth - Honors

2º - The Living Earth

3º - Prep 

4º - The Living Earth

5º - The Living Earth

6º - The Living Earth


Generally, students and parents should use SchoolLoop to communicate with me. 

However, if you need a letter of recommendation, use my district e-mail address.

I do not accept requests for letters of recommendation after December 1st of each year. Furthermore, I only write one letter per institution/program.  Letters for students are ususally approved on a first-come, first-served basis.  Thank you


* Also, I never check voicemail!  So, please don’t call.



Donation Letter from Our Science Department:

August 2019
Dear MSJHS families,

Welcome to the 2018-19 school year!  The Science department is requesting a voluntary donation to help support the development, integrity and relevance of all of our courses.  Based upon the number of participating students that stand to benefit from The Living Earth, if every affected family donated an equal amount, it would amount to $50 per student.  However, any amount you can donate will be instrumental and greatly appreciated.  Every dollar will contribute to the enrichment of our programs, including the purchase of instructional materials; the purchase of consumable supplies, (e.g., chemicals, organic specimen and paper towels); the maintenance, repair and replacement lab equipment, (e.g., glassware and measuring devices); technology upgrades; and general classroom supplies, (e.g., such as markers, staples and tissue).
Again, donations of any amount will be accepted and your donation to this cause is completely voluntary. Please also note that no student will be denied participation in or the benefits of any Fremont Unified School District or Mission San Jose High School’s educational program or activity due to the amount of your donation, or your ability/willingness to donate.
We accept either cash or a check made payable to: “Mission San Jose High School – FUSD” (Please, clearly print the student’s first and last name and note “Science Donation” on the memo line).
Thank you in advance for your contribution and continued support!
MSJ Science Department 
Mr. Melcic Locker