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Ms. Salazar Locker

Ms. Salazar


Weekly Schedule for 2/24/20

  • Monday: Supply and Demand in the Toy Industry
  • Tuesday: Economics of Pro Sports
  • Wednesday: Equilibrium and Stock Portfolios
  • Thursday: Moneyball
  • Friday: Moneyball

*Bigger and Better is due Friday, February 7

World History

Weekly Schedule for 2/24/20

  • Monday: Birth of the Soviet Union
  • Tuesday: Gulag Profile
  • Wednesday: Gulag Presentations
  • Thursday: Militarism in Japan
  • Friday: Nationalism in China and Japan

*Link for Birth of the Soviet Union

Term Paper

Click here for the Term Paper directions. APA does not require database information in the citations. Just cite the source found within the database.

  • Last, F. M. (Year Published). Article title. Journal Name, Volume (Issue), Page(s). Retrieved from: URL Class Account

The deadline to submit your World History term paper is 3:30 Friday, December 20. 


World History Class ID 14106942 Enrollment Password: apple


Gov/Econ Class ID 18513286 Enrollment Password: Warriors


World History Google Classroom

Use your FUSD Google account to join Google Classroom for World History. 

  • Period 1: i71kagr
  • Period 2: 6vdzoh
  • Period 3: htbobf