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Ms. Salazar

AP Psychology

AP® Psychology introduces students to the scientific study of human behavior and mental processing. Students will learn to approach psychological principles through the contemporary theoretical frameworks. The goal of this class is to introduce students to the field of psychology at a more in depth level, as well as to prepare them for the AP® exam in May.

World History

This is a survey course in World History.  Students will study the relationship between history, geography, culture, and technology in the modern world, focusing on the themes of nationalism, innovation, revolution, and human rights.  This course fulfills the U.C. entrance requirement for World History.


In American Government, students will examine the basis of the US political process, examine the power of the media, and consider the rights and responsibilities of citizens in a republic. Economics focuses on how incentives and monetary policy influence how we use our resources to better our lives.

Online Community Norms

1. Stay engaged.
2. Speak your truth.
3. Acknowledge and challenge offensive statements.
4. Respectful use of technology:

  • Keep your camera on when possible.
  • Mute when not speaking in large groups. Unmute in breakouts.
  • Feel free to use the chat feature and to email any concerns or issues Class Account

World History See the Syllabus Assignment for enrollment codes!

AP Psychology See Google Classroom for enrollment codes!

Class Codes for Google Classroom

Use your FUSD Google account to join Google Classroom.

Class codes will be provided the first week of class