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For Tutors - STEM Success


We expect our tutors to have:

  • Demonstrated passion for math and science.
  • Experience and patience in tutoring others.  
  • Good academic standing (B minimum) in all math and science courses.
  • Dedication and willingness to put in at least 2 hours of weekly work.

You can tutor any course that you have completed with good academic standing. 

Our tutors should:

  • Tutor at least 1-2 students per semester (meeting weekly, or based on student preference) during lunch or after school.
  • Be willing to spend time guiding students online (video, email, etc.) or in additional meetings.
  • Use our Google Apps suite to log student meetings, give feedback, and communicate with parents, teachers, and program leads.

We work in MSJ classrooms, under teacher supervision, during lunch (30 minutes) and after school (1 hour) Monday to Thursday.

Click here for Classroom schedule 

To apply (accepted on a rolling basis):

If you wish to apply, please complete the following steps:

  1. Click here for online form