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Throughout the year there are many school-sponsored dances. Mission students are welcome to invite a non-Mission guest, provided that the Mission student submits a guest pass from the activities office in advance and the student assumes responsibility for his/her guest in so far as obeying all school rules. The following rules are in effect at all school dances held on school property:

Identification cards: Students must have a current MSJ ID card to enter a school dance, unless they are a guest. All lost ID cards must be replaced in the Activities Office for a charge of $5.

Guests: Guest passes must be filed with the Activities Director. Guests must be escorted into the dance by an MSJ student.

Early Departure:No student will be readmitted to a dance once he/she has left.

Misbehavior: Any misbehavior or violation of established rules will result in the student being removed from the dance as well as other appropriate administrative action.

Late Arrivals:No admittance will be allowed after the first hour of a school dance without prior approval and advance ticket sale.

Absence: Students may not attend a dance on a day in which they did not attend school.

Debts: Debts must be cleared prior to purchasing dance tickets, or you will not be permitted to enter the dance.