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MPPFA Letter to the Community


Dear MSJHS Parents: 

As the president of MPPFA, I would like to welcome you to the upcoming new school year. MPPFA is your non-for-profit stand-alone parent-faculty association dedicated to supplementing  and serving our students, teachers and administration. It exists and thrives only because of your volunteer commitment and financial support.

Last year was a momentous year for MPPFA and the school. We started it with quite a few positive changes. Some of these were incremental - increased funding to every department & monthly meetings with full participation from all stakeholders (admin, teacher’s rep & district focus committee). Additional changes were significant and brand new – first ever MPPFA-funded scholarships (10) and MPPFA-sponsored field trips to Facebook, Delta, SLAC & Sanveo. 

In the second semester, COVID-19 suddenly came upon us. All our existing plans became irrelevant and we had to pivot on a dime. We instituted the district’s first ever COVID-19 mitigation plan and immediately focused on enabling our teachers with distance learning education. We formed three subcommittees – Technology, Class Admin Support & Class Teaching Support. The Technology team procured and delivered laptops (10), webcams, headsets, and software licenses to our teachers. The other teams recruited parents and recent alumni to assist teachers in their remote classrooms with teaching and admin duties. This couldn’t have been possible without the active support of many parents, so I want to thank you for your dedicated and selfless efforts. Please refer to the attached sheet for detailed spending of your generous donation dollars. 

In the upcoming school year, the administration team and the teachers at MSJHS, together with the FUSD has put a very well designed and structured plan for distance education.  The new distance learning curriculum requires MPPFA once again mobilize the community to enhance the students experience and supplement any gaps. This is only possible with your continued support, with time and financial donations. Our suggested donation per student is $250 and it is tax deductible. You can learn more about MPPFA at

Thank you! Please feel free to reach out to any MPPFA officer with your questions.

Devices for Teachers (9,764.26)                                         
Teachers' assistants   (1,050.00)    
Peer Resources  (10,400.00)    
Department Donation (61,664.00)    
Yearbook (1,000.00)    
Expo (640.00)    
Hospitality spending (3,053.27)    
CS Trip (1,388.00)    
Traffic control materials (986.72)    
WASC (148.02)    

Irshad Rasheed

MPPFA President

P: 530-368-2498